Innovation with customers means being flexible and most importantly - a careful listener. Throughout its history, Cosgrove has been known for innovation - always developing new and better ways to engage with its customers. By staying abreast of the latest industry trends and constantly communicating with our 50  manufacturers, we are able to provide services and products to our customers that many times they were not aware of.
We meet regularly with our employees to make sure that what they are hearing from the field is being communicated clearly to management as well as we are careful to involve our employees in the process of innovating ways to raise the level of customer satisfaction. At Cosgrove, we know that our growth depends on having a group of very satisfied employees and customers, so we always strive to creatively meet or even better, exceed their needs.
We always react to any need expressed by a customer. As an example, three years ago we custom-developed a web-based procurement management system all at the request of one customer which has resulted in lowering their procurement costs significantly, while giving them much greater control over the process. We offer the latest in electronic communications abilities and can build automatic data interchange interfaces with any customer's back-end system for the maximum possible levels of efficiency.
Cosgrove has grown rapidly over the years, mainly by following our customers as they in turn try and move their businesses in new directions.
Please contact Irene Pena at (800) 888-3396 if you have any special request or idea.