Procurement Management

The process of procuring supplies for your contracted property crews in an organized and controlled manner, at minimum cost, presents quite a challenge for many facility maintenance companies. Our Procurement Management System is the solution by providing a coordinated and efficient method of centralizing the control of ordering guides and budgets for your staff while allowing management approval. Our goal is to help customers reduce costs and time associated by fragmentation of activities and misinformation within the ordering process itself.

Central Control

Many organizations struggle with varying order guides depending on the location of their property, coupled with the use of a variety of delivery methods for the orders - such as fax, email, and phone. Eliminating the confusion, our centrally-controlled Procurement Management System allows all your properties easy access the exact same order guide, from location to location, with identical items and consistent pricing. Being digital, price changes are instantly available to all properties at the same time, positively impacting budget accuracy and improving the overall ordering process

Ordering Process

Buyers log onto our secure procurement web portal using their individual credentials. This takes them directly to their individual order guides displaying only the approved items available for their job site to purchase. They enter the quantity needed for each item, and click Submit Order. These customer-specific order guides are controlled centrally making any changes immediately available to all property managers or approvers, as well as any additional authorized personnel. Buyers automatically receive a confirmation copy of their order via email.


Budgets can be set by property or supply category, and can even be adjusted for seasonal variations in property traffic. Automatic email notifications are sent to all approvers as well as property managers if orders are over budget. Orders can be set to auto-approve if they are within budget, or they can be set so each order manually requires approval.

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